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Webtrix® Technologies is more than happy to build a fully custom website for you. We look at your needs and requirements and help make a decision on whether your website can be built using the Webtrix® Technologies $1490 FIXED PRICE website system or not.

It is more cost effective for you to have your new website built on the Webtrix® Technologies $1490 FIXED PRICE website system where possible as the time has already been put in to develop a lot of the code needed.

Most of our fully custom websites are not content management systems. They are stand alone. This means that when you want to update them you need to contact us.

Depending on your requirements we can make a small part of your website updateable through an administration area to help reduce your ongoing costs.

Our custom websites have ranged from a small 4 page website to very large many page websites.

If you would like more information please contact us or call 1300 WEBTRIX.

NOTE: We cannot do custom websites on Bartercard.

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