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Call To Action Add-on - $499

If you are thinking of any add-ons then the Call To Action Add-on is the MUST HAVE one to increase the number of enquires you get from your website.

The Call To Action Add-on is included in the Better and Best Packages and can be added to the Good Package.

With the Call To Action Add-on we put a form on every page of your website. To get a FREE Gift a website visitor has to give you their name and email address. Once they do your website emails the FREE Gift of some sort. Normally the FREE Gift is an eBook. You write the FREE gift and we integrate it.

FREE Gift Example... say you are a painter? Your FREE Gift might be an eBook called - Top 10 Tips To Make Your House Paint Last Longer - or - An A-z Guide To Work Out If You House Needs Painting

If you can’t write your FREE Gift we can help you at our hourly rate.

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