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Customise your pages to whatever you want

The beauty of the Webtrix® Technologies system is the Administration Area which allows you to administer your website at no extra charge.

You can see how many people have visited your website, add images to your website, send and receive emails any where in the world, change your password or the email address your contact form goes to and of course edit your website content.

The Webtrix® Technologies Content Management System is proprietary... which means that we have total control over it and can make any changes needed to the system to make sure it is always working. Allot of web development companies use FREE software such as WordPress or Joomla which they have no control over and can break over time.

The Content Management System of your Administration Area gives you an easy to use WYSISYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface that works allot like Microsoft Word. Through this you can update current pages, add and remove pages and add, remove and change your navigation. You can do anything you desire to your new website by creating whatever you want.

There are 4 Packages to choose from, Postcard, Good, Better, Best. The different Packages includes different Add-ons and each package can be upgraded with some of the add-ons.

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