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Ongoing Costs - what you need to know?

Webtrix® Technologies helps you get started by giving you a FREE .com domain name for the first year and your first 2 months website hosting and maintenance for FREE starting from the date your welcome document is signed. Once your FREE time has run out there are 2, 100% tax deductible, main ongoing costs; domain name registration and website hosting and maintenance.

Domain Name Registration - from $30 per year

Every website needs a domain name which is why we give you a FREE .com for the first year. We recommend getting both the .com and the domain prefix of your country. E.g. Australia is .com.au, New Zealand is .co.nz, the United Kingdom is .co.uk etc.  Find out Additional Domain Name prices.

A .com domain name costs $30 a year and can be registered up to 10 years in advance.

A .com.au cost $60 per year and MUST be registered in 2 year blocks.

Website Hosting and Maintenance - from $40 per month

Your website has to live somewhere so people can visit it and the Webtrix® Technologies $1490 FIXED PRICE website and add-on’s need to live on the Webtrix® Technologies server.  Website hosting and maintenance is an essential part of any website.

There is a allot more to website hosting and maintenance than just having it accessible to your website visitors. We constantly monitor all the website to ensure they are working correctly. The website hosting and maintenance also covers:


Administration Area Upgrades - You will never have to pay extra for any administration area upgrades. You will have the most up to date website version all the time.

Daily Backups - everyday your website is backed up to the server and your content and images are backed up externally (a separate location to the server) to give you piece of mind that your website is safe from data loss.


The Web Server - the computer that runs your website. Web Severs are worth thousands of dollars and by sharing it with others we can share the cost.

Server Administration - All computers need attention from time to time. You can’t just turn them on and they will work forever. We have a team of administrators to make sure your website is running all the time.

Server Upgrades and Hardware - As time progresses it is necessary to upgrade the server and add new hardware and software, just like your home or business computers.

Email - your email addresses are managed as part of the website maintenance.

Your website hosting and maintenance on the Webtrix® Technologies $1490 FIXED PRICE website is $40 per month which can be paid monthly via credit card standing order or annually via bank deposit or credit card.

If you have the e-commerce, real estate or secure login add-on there is an additional $40 per month to cover the extra disk space, database space, bandwidth and backup space used.

Email Subscription Add-on

The first 3000 emails per month you send through the email subscription tool are FREE. After that it will cost between 1 and 2 cents per email depending on what option you have.

Full details can be found on the email subscription add-on page.

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